This is how a chance encounter can make a real difference.

Ground Truth Mark Graham is the founder of Ground Truth in South Africa. It provides specialist consultancy for all matters relating to water: be it quality, management, biodiversity or environmental engineering.

Across the African continent, the company identifies responsible business practices, ensuring optimum water quality and minimizing the impact of industry and business on the surrounding water table. These crucial services help ensure that wildlife, eco-systems, and drinking water remain at the highest possible quality.

Working at both local and multi-national level, Mark and his team have changed and preserved landscapes. And they’ve won awards for providing information, training and equipment across a variety of sectors.

A chance encounter between Mark and Paul Vukovich, Formech CEO, resulted in an instant rapport, a working relationship, and ultimately friendship. Mark has been welcomed into the Inspire fold, providing key advice and support to the team and the company.

Being able to draw upon Mark’s knowledge, experience, and insight around environmental issues and best practice not only provides key information for our own continued growth and development, but has also enabled us to share and advise others responsibly.

Mark’s local knowledge of the Southern African countries where a great deal of Inspire’s work has and will take place in the future, has been invaluable, and empowered Inspire to work quickly, effectively, and reactively with communities, governments, and individuals.

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