Formech launches new CSR division to celebrate and support innovation

Formech International, the UK designer and manufacturer of vacuum forming machinery, has launched a new division, Formech Inspire, that aims to celebrate and foster potential and innovation and encourage the responsible use and disposal of plastics.

The Inspire Team
Forming Lessons at Oakland High School, Illinois
Working alongside Inheriting Earth to develop new technologies.

Working within the fields of the arts, education, environment, design, community projects, and more, Formech develops relationships with individuals and groups who may be hampered by a lack of resources, funding, skills or expertise. These may include budding designers and artists, heritage projects, or schools in under-privileged circumstances or remote locations. The company works with inspiring people drawing upon its passion for seeing people and projects succeed, and ideas and ambitions realised, and is now bringing this work into the new division.

Formech Inspire will continue to support these many projects and form part of the company’s conscious efforts to minimise environmental impacts from the production, processing and disposal of plastics. This includes educating the company, customers and students on aspects such as material choice, energy consumption, waste reduction and recycling.

“At Formech we’re passionate about the responsible use of plastics. As a company owner I am inspired to reflect the innovative approach we see in our customers and take pride in working with a range of experts across disciplines to seek out positive solutions for plastics manufacturing,” explained Formech International CEO Paul Vukovich.

Formech has always held the belief that today’s students are tomorrow’s engineers and product designers. Inspire also therefore incorporates the provision of dedicated educational resources, including vacuum forming project plans for cross subject application, and ‘how to…’ video resources.

The company will get involved with environmental, artistic, life-enriching and fun projects unrelated to plastics processing too. Inspired across fields, projects already being supported range from Fumogeni – a critical thought collective discussing the Anthropocene – to Pelagios Kakunja marine conservation organization.

Later this year Inspire will also be launching HEAT, an open call to artists competing for a residency incorporating vacuum forming, as well as continuing work with schools across Swaziland, facilitating a cross cultural exchange of ideas as they partner UK schools to take on identical project briefs. These and many more projects will all be shared on the Inspire blog and across social media.

To find out more about Formech Inspire, please contact:

Rachel Wicks
+44 (0) 1582 469 797