Inspiring Students at Universidad Mundial, La Paz.

Equipping students to form applications for environmental and community projects in Baja California Sur.

Crafting foam molds for forming designs.
Students admiring their vacuum formings.
A customised chocolate bar from a formed mold.

A donated Formech 508DT is taking pride of place at Universidad Mundial. Studies there range from the sciences, such as ecological development engineering, to design subjects, including graphic design, architecture, interior design and visual arts, as well as programs related to health sciences. In addition to this, the university allows organised access to school groups and NGO’s, including Pelagios Kakunja, an Inspire supported marine conservation organisation based locally.

“There is no doubt that it will strengthen our academic work, and more importantly, will enhance the area of community projects which is a strong commitment from our university.”
– Mtro. Lino Renán Villavicencio Garayzar (Director, La Paz Campus, Universidad Mundial)

To ensure this machine is utilised to its full potential, we also provided a series of interactive workshops for staff, students and invited guests from local schools etc. We discussed responsible use of plastics, demonstrating with recycled sheets and reducing windows in place, the versatility of the 508DT. We explored a variety of mould making methods – using foam, clay and existing objects, and the staff and students all got stuck in enthusiastically, filling the resulting forms with melted chocolate or homemade soap.

We’re really looking forward to seeing what applications arise from this set up, especially given the diverse range of subjects on campus and emphasis on environmental and community projects.