Making a difference every time you do the washing.

Inheriting earth Inheriting Earth is an innovation house. It provides consultancy, product development and design, and explores bespoke corporate responsibility frameworks – and it sets itself a high benchmark. Previously an engineer for the technological giant Dyson, its founder Adam Root intends the company to be ethical, environmentally minded and accountable.

Adam has been developing a new filtration system for domestic and commercial washing machines. It is designed to remove the harmful micro-plastics that are rinsed from our clothes into the water during the cycle. By filtering it in the machine, this product will stop these dangerous materials finding their way into water supplies, rivers, oceans, and ultimately the food chain.

His design is simple, yet beautifully and innovatively engineered, small in size, but colossal in impact for our environment. So, we were thrilled when Inheriting Earth contacted Inspire to discuss the idea of seeing how both parties could work together on this exciting new project.

The drive, passion and innovation within this project, which is evident with every communication with Adam, resonated with Inspire. That’s why we have committed to working alongside Inheriting Earth to develop this new technology, using Formech resources, existing partnerships, and expertise. Opportunities like this don’t come around often, and it’s one that Inspire couldn’t miss out on.

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