A special bus is delivering a new generation of engineers.

The MIKE Bus – Mid-State Technical College, Wisconsin, USA Wisconsin has a very special bus. The brainchild of Mike Berry and the team at Mid-State Technical College, Wisconsin, The MIKE Bus is a mobile design and manufacture lab.

The MIKE Bus. Mobile design and manufacture lab.
Mike Berry using the 508FS on the Mike Bus.

MIKE stands for Manufacturing, Innovation, Knowledge, and Experience, and this fully operational vehicle travels around Wisconsin, bringing technology and ideas to students.

Developed in response to the shortage of skilled professionals engineering, the MIKE bus aims to engage and encourage young people by experiencing the design and manufacturing processes first hand.

Step on board and you’ll see just how inspiring it is. It boasts tools and machinery from every stage of the design and manufacturing process, from a CAD station, to CNC machine, to 3D printer, laser scanner, and Formech 508FS vacuum former.

Inspire saw the MIKE featured on TV and had to find out more. We visited the bus on campus in Wisconsin Rapids and shot a case study video showing the lab in all its glory. The whole Formech Inspire team was so impressed by the project and its success, we quickly decided it was exactly the kind of innovation and creativity we wanted to support.

And so began a new partnership. The MIKE accepted a NewForm (the latest model Formech vacuum forming machine) on loan for students and teachers around the state to experience. This has meant that the Formech 508FS vacuum, originally purchased for The MIKE, could be installed at the design and manufacturing lab on campus.

Now there’s a new generation of engineers in the making thanks to a unique collaboration. Take a look at our video’s and if you’re looking for support with your education or design project, contact the Formech Inspire team today